GTT - Our Consulting Services

With our consulting services you can reap the benifits of Technical Thermochemistry right away!

GTT has specialised in the field of Technical Thermochemistry since 1983. We were among the pioneers who applied Gibbs energy minimisation techniques to analyse industrial problems. Few other organisations involved in the field can look back on our level of experience. With this extensive experience in the field, we offer consulting services to customers which range from contractual thermochemical modelling services to custom softwares for particular applications. Our experience in the field enables fast and efficient implementations. 
GTT, as a spinoff from an academic institution maintains strong relations across various research institutes. Hence we also help our customers with information regarding the services offered by other institutions and thus connect the industry with the research. One occasion where practicioners, thermodynamic modellers and experts in the field of experimetnal thermodynamics meet is the GTT workshop, an ideal place to generate new ideas!